PHM 2023 Conference Data Challenge Final Scores

The PHM North American 2023 Data Challenge has entered the final phase. Competitors have submitted their final (validation) results, but it’s not over yet. The teams will also be judged on their creativity and presentation, and there will be cash prizes for the top three places. We have invited five teams to give oral presentations at the PHM conference and five more to present posters. Due to the challenging nature of this year’s problem, in part due to the out-of-training generalization, there are some creative and complex approaches, including multi-stage adversarial training with simultaneous classification and regression, multi-domain feature extraction with Xception (Google’s depthwise separable CNN), and CNN Bayesian Optimization with custom loss functions. Make sure to attend these presentations to see the novel solutions.


Standings at Close of Competition
Team Validation Data Score Testing Data Score
nivic 472.0 463.5
CUMTIIPT 418.5 404.5
KUL 282.2 213.3
thumper 227.5 249.0
SDML 192.0 191.9
Aimtory 187.5 200.5
TJ 178.0 186.5
JSEG 158.9 212.0
FlyTogether 143.0 232.0
zwang1916 130.1 67.43
jbarriga 125.5 190.8
fjamil 122.5 150.6
ILIKEPHM 115.4 121.0
TeamSSS 94.44 145.8
beking 38.0 195.5
polimeca 24.5 160.2
neaolei1 -10.5 213.0
wk_team -168.8 -197.3
S5 -265.0 -177.5
teamoslo -2.495e+03 -2.378e+03
NINI Not submitted 195.5
LM Not submitted 179.5
DownTownBaby Not submitted 122.1
Jay Not submitted -45.09
HOPE Not submitted -45.8
LvE Not submitted -115.2
Curufc Not submitted -508.0
Ocelot Not submitted -510.3
msoualhi1993 Not submitted -590.0
IIL Not submitted -1.058e+03
PHMeme Not submitted -1.249e+03
High Plains Python Pilots Not submitted -2.522e+03
noma Not submitted invalid format